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Self Bending Paperclip


If so, we have something for you! A self-bending paperclip that contorts and bends on its own! When submerged in hot water, it shifts the wire as it continues to bend while forming into a paperclip. Made of super light wire, which makes it extra handy! It has a highly visual effect and it will only take less than a minute to prepare. This magic trick is easy to master and perform. 

Awe your kids, friends and family!



The paperclip is made from Nitinol, which is essentially, a shape memory alloy. When a shape memory alloy is in its martensitic form, it is easily deformed to a new shape. However, when the alloy is heated through its transformation temperatures, it reverts to austenite and recovers its previous shape with great force. This process is known as Shape Memory.

 Twist, Turn & Bend at Room Temperature

Submerge in Hot Water

Watch how it retains its original shape!

A simple, yet very visual trick to awe your friends and family! 

*Not sold in stores!


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