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8in1 Multipurpose Jet Water Cannon

Power-wash your house and driveway and then gently water your flowers with the Multipurpose Jet Water Cannon. 



Suitable for different requirements!  

✅ Integral detergent chamber automatically mixes your favorite liquid soaps, cleaners or waxes.


✅ Great for cleaning the gutter, siding, decks, fences, pools, patios, walkways & driveways.


✅ Blast away dirt and grime from patios and driveways, gutters and steps.


✅ Ensure its gentle enough for watering fragile plants.


✅ Fully adjustable, 8 setting spray nozzle.


✅ Ease of use for people with arthritis or pain related issues.

✅ Ideal for home, garden or vehicle use.


✅ Fits all standard hose connectors.




Eight spraying modes: Switch between different spraying modes at ease while adapting to any environment.

Practical usage for gardens, cars, gardening, irrigation, exterior cleaning, you name it!


HIGH-PRESSURE WASH: Transform your regular garden hose into a powerful jet pressure stream. Perfect for washing dirty sidewalks, car washes, dirty wood fences, brick walls and more!


Nozzle rotation switch: can quickly change freely in eight modes.


  • Size: 43cm x 15cm x 5cm.
  • Material: ABS;
  • Weight: 0.6kg;
  • Color: Blue.


  • 1x 8in1 Multipurpose Jet Water Cannon.