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Bed-Wetting Alarm for Kids/Adults

Having trouble with your kids wetting the bed constantly? The Bed-Wetting Alarm is the most effective solution to all your messy and damp problems!

Bed-Wetting or nocturnal enuresis is one the most prevalent and persistent sleep problem in children.

The arm bracelet is equipped with a built in alarm system that is sensitive to damp and moisture. The synchronised sound and alarm system automatically go off when in contact with urine, effectively waking up your child to finish in the bathroom. 

What can I do as a parent to make it comfortable for my child?

As parents, we love our children dearly and would do everything to make them feel comfortable. Guiding your child through the whole process of using the Bed-Wetting Alarm is imperative when using this device. We recommend Installing a soft night light so your child wakes up to a cozy environment. 

With patience and time (approximately 4-12 weeks) your child will eventually develop the habit of waking up when it is time to go the bathroom (on their own) YAY!



The product comes attached with a progress chart to monitor your child on a day to day basis. This helps your children effectively engage in the idea of the activity. The red stars are for bed-wetting days and the green stars are for the days your child wakes up to the alarm. Your child will see this as an achievement in turn making them more welcoming to the exercise. 



  • Material: ABS 
  • Power Supply: 2 * CR2025 button battery (included) 
  • Power Voltage: 3V 
  • Max. Operating Current: ≤30mA 
  • Wire Length: 92cm / 36.22in


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