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Portable GPS Sonar Fish Finder

Are you ready to up your game in the fishing world? 

Our Portable Fish Finder uses a sonar sensor to find fish lying in water and is ideal for ice fishing, night fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing etc.


Best Portable Sonar Smart Fish Finder

How Does it Work?

Once sound waves hit an object, they bounce back sending signals. When using the Portable Fish Finder, these signals are decoded and then interpreted on the visible screen of the device through the means of Sonar and GPS.

The information appearing on your screen can help you make calculated and crucial decisions. 

  • Determine how deep the body of water is.
  • Effectively show where fish are located.
  • Determine water temperature.
  • Determine the possibility of debris and vegetation beneath the surface.

So now, you can eliminate the constant struggle of spending hours on fishless spots!


The fish finder works in both salt and fresh waters and has a castable depth of between 3 feet and up to 328 feet (100m) depth of water.

Besides that, the device provides useful information to an angler including fish alarms, water depth, sands, rocks, weeds and the location of fish among other information in the seabed and so on..

For night fishing, it has a backlight mode which displays the screen at night. The device is powered by AAA batteries conveniently.