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EasyFold Travel Bag

The EasyFold™ Travel Bag is a well made multifunctional travel bag. It's made of durable material while remaining very light and keep its form factor.

The bag is layered with a special coating that keeps it water resistant. The EasyFold™ Travel Bag  is large enough to hold your necessities while being small enough to be a carry on. It has 1 main compartment with a double zipper closure and strong handles. There is also an extra pocket on the front to store smaller items. This pocket also allows you to securely store the bag on top of your suitcase handle for easy travel!

The special feature of the EasyFold™ Travel Bag  is that it can be folded into its pocket so you can easily store it! There are step-by-step photos above as well as instructions below to help you learn how to fold the bag!

  1. Close the bag and leave approximately 10 cm (4~ inches) of the main zipper open.
  2. Fold both the top and sides of the bag inwards.
  3. Flip the bag over to the backside.
  4. Fold the handles over onto the back of the bag. Fold the sides of the bag over to match the handle lining.
  5. Fold the rest of the bag so the ends meet in the middle, matching the size of the pocket.
  6. Flip the bag over and open the pocket zipper.
  7. Flip the bag inside out so the whole bag is enclosed in the pocket.
  8. Make sure the bag is securely and neatly organized in the bag before closing it.
  9. Now you’ve completed making your travel bag compact!

This bag is super functional and is perfect for the on-the-go traveler. Please check out the photos to learn more!