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Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

Do you need to transfer liquid from one container to another quickly, but you end up spilling more than half of it? So the liquid ends up wasting or making a huge mess that you have to spend time cleaning... If only there was a convenient way to transfer liquids like petrol and clogged drain overflow quickly and easily.

Now there is, with this Electric Liquid Transfer Pump!

This automatic, portable, lightweight pump is high powered. So you can pump 6 quarts of liquid per minute. Just switch on to start transferring liquid from one receptacle to another. 


  • Convenient Handheld Pump: Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld fuel transfer pump.Whenever you need gasoline,you can do the job with our pump by yourself.
  • Widely Application:This This Battery Powered Siphon pump is multi-functional, you can also use it in garage, aquariums, at home and yard with different liquids.
  • Different Liquids, Same Pump: gasoline, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids all work fine with this hand pump.
  • Nine Quarts A Minute: Increased suctioning power with impeller head,faster suctioning makes you more effective.
  • Easy to Use: Switch to on and you're ready to go. 2 D batteries is what you need. (not included)