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Gravity Sensor LED Night Lamp


This cool Gravity Sensor LED Night Lamp keeps the over thinkers, bookworms, silent-seekers, writers, painters, poets and creative people company in the late hours of night. 


Tired of endlessly seeking switches at night? Problem solved

As the lamp functions as it's own switch, say goodbye to fumbling around your personal belongings searching for that dreaded light switch.


Unique & Decorative

Ideal for the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom etc. A versatile lamp for any area or situation.

The Perfect Gift

Truly a unique gift when you don't know what to get someone. Lamps are our trusty sidekick. They’re our midnight companion as we finish off that book we couldn’t put down. They’re our study buddy during late-night cram sessions, and our early morning guide as we stumble around the house before sunrise.


Two modes: High light mode and Soft light mode

Modes can be changed from the bottom of the lamp to suit how well you want the room to be lit up.

The non-slip silicon mats at the bottom keep the lamp safe and sturdy


Works Wired & Wirelessly

After a full 3 hours of charging, the lamp works for 5 hours on high light mode and 30 hours of soft light mode.


Not sold in local stores
*Disclaimer: May not arrive before Christmas