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Luxury Weighted Calming Blanket



Designed to approximate 10% of one’s body weight, The Weighted Blanket calms down the central nervous system by giving users the feeling of being hugged. It is the first weighted blanket to be made entirely from 100% Lyocell Bamboo with premium glass beads, making it hypoallergenic with a smooth, silky feel and equal weight distribution. 

A full-body hug: The luxury weighted blanket is filled with high-density glass microbeads helping it conform to your body. 

Thin and flexible: Our glass bead filling is almost three times denser than plastic beads, often used in similar blankets. This keeps the blanket almost as thin as a regular blanket.

Soundless: The glass beads are merged into an acoustic fiber mesh to reduce distracting noises as the blanket moves.

Washable: Spot clean or wash your weighted blanket on a gentle cycle and hang it to dry.

Oh, and you know when your blanket is so soft and silky you kinda want to pet it and tell it it’s been a good boy? Well, that’s how you’ll feel about The Weighted Blanket. It’s made with quilted stitching and bamboo fabric for a luxurious texture that’ll give you the feels. 

A blanket in the summer, who wants that? You’re trying to get to sleep, not build-your-own sweat lodge. But hold that thought...Because you want THIS blanket in the summer. No, seriously—you really do.

The Weighted Blanket's advanced Lyocell Bamboo fabric is your BFF year-round because it’s thermoregulated (that means it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter). No more sweating under a heavy, sticky blanket on those humid August nights. You’ll be sleeping like a panda beneath the silky, cooling, calming weight of the blanket