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Mountain River Incense Burner

Our marvellous Mountain River Incense Burner has been cautiously & carefully assembled with earthenware. At the point when the incense cone is lit, the trail of smoke emulates a cascade streaming down a mountain. This clay incense burner is perfect for consuming your most loved incenses while giving an unwinding and enlivening touch to any space. This is likewise an incredible present for all reflection and yoga darlings.

Pick between two hues: Blue and Tan. 100% Eco-friendly.

Did you know? 

Incense coping for contemplation and supplication is an old convention. Consuming incense for reflection diminishes pressure, and it is trusted that distinctive kinds of incense – frankincense, sandalwood, and sage – have the ability to rinse negative vitality, ease strain, and lift your thoughtful state. 

Measurements: 4 inches x 8 inches (10.5 cm x 20 cm)